Horning's Hideout Costume Gala (with discsgolf)

Saturday October 31 @10 AM


Portland State Disc Golf is having a Halloween-Huck and Horning's Hideout tomorrow!

Horning's Hideout is an awesome course. Its got three 18 hole setups, all different lengths and skill levels. If you haven't played with us before this would be a great chance to come out and meet everyone, show off your dope costume, and build some confidence on the short course. Don't worry about waiver forms and all that jazz, we will have a stack there for you if you need em.

For the people that already have played with us, Horning's has a new course that looks pretty cool. You can check out the layout here. This course is great if you have not been. This photo over yonder -> is from hole 8 or 9. There is a massive heard of peacocks and a fishing pond too.

Entry is $3 per person, and it gets you in all day. I would recommend bringing some foodstuffs and/or a sack lunch too, there are not many food places near by. You can find directions here.  If you need a ride or can give a ride call me when you have asap, we can figure something out. (503) 473-6701

Hope to see you out there,





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